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Pupil Voice

The School Council is a group of hard working pupils, who are committed to making sure that the opinions at EVS are heard. The Council is made up of  a representative from each class. These individuals are selected through a whole school election process at the beginning of the academic year. They work alongside their fellow pupils and the learning mentors, this is then fed back to teachers and the Senior Management Team to make improvements to the school.

What does the School Council do?

The School Council meets every two weeks to discuss matters such as ways of improving the school and fundraising. It is the role of the Class Representatives to voice any opinions that their class has and to provide feedback from the meetings.

New Reps:

Year 3: 3EM Alice R, 3JT Max W, 3JR Nia P, 3JP Joel O 

Year 4: 4BM Izza A, 4CM Amato W, 4PH Natalie P, 4NB Maddie A 

Year 5: 5AR Daniel T, 5LF Claire B, 5LS Sara K, 5KH Eden A 

Year 6: 6RR Josh D, 6AM Paris C, 6GB Nikoleta G, 6DC Alanna W.