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Wraparound care

Breakfast club and After School club

We know that some of our parents require some childcare before and after school so have set up wraparound care. We run the clubs ourselves so the staff are all employees of the school and already know the children. Because of this, we can make sure that the clubs run seamlessly and congruently with our school rules, values and expectations. We know that our children will need some time after and before school to be themselves and it not be a continuation of academic education and so we lead activities in which the children can express and enjoy themselves. We also support with homework and will give the children the opportunity to complete this.

The breakfast club runs from 7:45am – 8:45am. During this time, they will play games and be given a healthy breakfast.

The after school club runs from 3:25pm – 5:45pm. Again, during this time they will play games, have a variety of activities set out and be given a healthy snack if required.

After school club costs £11.25 per day and our Breakfast club is £4.00 per day.  Payments can be made via your parentmail account and we do accept childcare vouchers. If you wish to pay using vouchers please contact Mrs Goodyear (wrap around manager) or our school office on 01908 507914 .

Spaces in the clubs are limited however, for more information, please see the policy below. Bookings can be made through Parentmail (please be aware that if using vouchers the balance will show as £0 in your parentmail account). Alternatively, please contact the school office for more information.

Breakfast and After School club policy