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Mobile Free Zone

Mobile Free Zone

Our school premises is a MOBILE FREE ZONE.

We encourage all visitors to our school to not talk on their phones whilst they are in our school and to instead engage with staff and our children

We feel it is very important that during school drop off and pick up you please turn off your phone and talk to your child/brother /sister/the child you are caring for.

We add this poem for your pleasure;





Mummy, did I tell you 
I grazed my knee today
Teacher gave me a plaster
I suppose I’ll be ok

Mummy I’m so happy
I made a friend today
Mummy are you listening
Don’t look the other way

Mummy I want to show you
What it was I made today,
It’s just a little present
For you on Mother’s Day

Mummy you know my teacher
She said I’m doing well,
I got the highest test result
For the words we had to spell.

Mummy can you hear me?
Do you know I’m here?
Whilst you’re holding my hand
You seem to be elsewhere

Mummy have I told you
That I wish I was a phone?
That you could talk to me all day
And I wouldn’t feel alone

By Chris Peaskin September 2018